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Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.

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Our Founders.

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.

Our mission is to make unique prints that you can wear in the most sustainable way possible.

It all started when Olly got married and was looking for something unique to wear to his wedding. This is when the Wooden Bow Tie was born. Hand made here in Torquay from Recycled Timber.

We now have expanded with a range of products all with the same ethos as from the beginning. Products that make you Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good.

Look Good.
Original Designs.

We proudly design original hand painted and hand drawn prints employing local artists living by the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. Our prints are unique to our products and inspired by the flora of the coastline.

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Founder imageFounder image

Do Good. 
Our Sustainability Journey.

We are always looking for ways to minimise the environmental impact of the production, marketing and distribution of our products.

We have been packing all our online orders since 2019 with an eco-friendly cardboard wrap and sent in 100% biodegradable compostable satchels from our partners Noissue. These satchels are made from plant based material of corn and wheat straw + PBAT a bio based polymer. The mailers can be composted both at home (180 days) and commercially (90 days). We've also recently made the switch to compostable shipping labels so you don't need to remove the label when placing your satchel in the compost! 

We work with two Australian Suppliers who responsibly source and produce all our product packaging with recycled cardboard and paper. These materials as well as being recycled can also be recycled after use which we encourage.

We have worked with our suppliers to reduce our plastic use by 50%. We are hoping to eliminate this waste as soon as possible. Any plastic used is taken to a recycling facility where they convert the material into a range of recycled products including furniture, bollards and signage.

All our products are ethically sourced and made from sustainable materials including bamboo, recycled timber and 100% Cotton. We are excited to introduce our first range of Ties, Bow Ties and Pocket Squares made of 100% Organic Cotton OEKO-TEK approved this June.

Feel Good.
Where our products are made.

We work with Suppliers in Australia and China to produce our products in the most sustainable way possible. 

Our Bamboo Supplier in China is from the Zhejiang Region. We work closely with this supplier to ensure fair working conditions with BSCI accreditation. The Bamboo Fabric used is FSC Certified. The FSC is a global not-for-profit organisation that sets the standards for what a responsibly-managed forest is, both in an environmental and social sense. The FSC works to promote the environmentally-appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the Earth’s forests. All bamboo involved in the production of Peggy and Finn goods comes from FSC-certified forests that follow FSC-defined best practices throughout the production and supply chain. This means that the farming and harvesting of our bamboo fibre crops used to produce Peggy and Finn goods do not contribute to natural habitat loss or destruction.

Our Cotton Supplier in China is from the Zhejiang province.
We have worked closely with this supplier for over 6 years ensuring fair working conditions with BSCI certification. Our fabric is made from 100% Cotton from a nearby Cotton Mill.

Our Wood supplier is from Geelong, Australia. We select recycled timber from their Timber Yard to produce our Wooden Bow Ties and Wooden Suspenders. A local maker puts together our suspenders made to order and our Wooden Bow Ties are made by us in our Torquay Warehouse.

We are excited to introduce our first range of Ties, Bow Ties and Pocket Squares made of 100% Organic Cotton OEKO-TEK approved this June. This range is printed in Australia from a local printer in Melbourne and manufactured by a local seamstress. 

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