How to match a Tie to your suit

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How to match a Tie to your suit.

It's a common question and a tricky thing for customers to work out. What Tie goes with this suit? Chances are you don't wear a Suit and Tie very often. So we are here to help you with that. 

This is a quick guide to help you match a tie to your suit.

A tie is the final touch to your outfit. You can be confident in your style and look great if you get it right, but make sure there are no colour clashes or other problems with the way it looks on you. It's also important to make sure that the cut of your suit fits you well—you don't want something which makes your shoulders look wide, even if they're not!

Printed ties: pick the base colour of your tie, and match your suit colour to that.

When you’re working with prints, it’s important to keep all the colours in mind. In this case, the key is choosing your tie based on the base colour of your suit.

Ties work best when they contrast with their suit but also complement them—so if you have an orange or brown-coloured suit with a blue tie, that combination will look great! If you want to play it safe and keep things simple, stick with matching your tie base colour with the main colour of your suit. For example: a Black suit can be paired with a black Tie. A classic navy blazer would work well with a navy or even burgundy Tie.

If you head to our Tie page you will see we have photographed each Tie with our favourite Jacket colour. This gives you one idea of what you could match a Tie to your suit.

Here are some of our most asked for Tie and suit combos:

What Tie goes with a Green Jacket?

Green Suit Jacket

What Tie goes with a Cream Jacket?

Cream Wedding Jacket

Another resource we'd like to share with you is our Customers Weddings. Customers often send us photographs of their Wedding which we share on our website or on our Instagram page to help other couples find the perfect Tie and suit combo.

Wedding Tie Grey

Our most fun way of to match a Tie to your suit is our Tie Filter. You can use this through instagram. The way it works is you have your suit on and then you flick through the Ties seeing which one suits best. You can screen shot it and send to your partner or friends to get their thoughts. It's a fun way to try before you buy.

Try before you buy Tie

Lastly we've created some videos to show you how to match a Tie to your suit.

You can find them here on our You Tube Channel:

1. What Tie goes with a Cream Jacket -

2. What Bow Tie goes with a Green Jacket -

We hope you've enjoyed this little article and now know how you can match a tie to your suit.

If you need any help please contact our in house stylist by emailing

Thanks for reading.

Peggy and Finn x

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