Australia is the home of Peggy and Finn, and we are proud of all things that are iconically Australian …  like all things surfing, football, cricket, tennis, soccer and more.

We are based in Torquay, Victoria, Australia- and are inspired by our natural surrounds when it comes to product design. 

This includes our unique Australian flora and fauna that constantly inspire our ranges of Men’s Accessories including ties, wedding ties, bow ties, pocket squares, underwear, suspenders, and gift boxes.

With Free Express shipping to all Australian addresses (including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and more); Afterpay available; and the best looking ties and men’s accessories around – how could you go wrong?!

Wedding Ties Australia

Looking for a dapper tie for your upcoming wedding? You’ve come to the right place!

We love making you feel like a million dollars on your wedding day with our range of modern, dapper Australian men’s floral wedding ties.

Our popular collections include native floral wedding ties; protea wedding ties; eucalyptus ties; waratah ties; tropics ties; banksia ties; and our classic banana palm tie collection.

Click here for wedding inspiration to see our favourite groomsmen sporting Peggy and Finn wedding ties on their big day; or shop all our Australian groom’s wedding tieshere.

Australian Floral Ties

We’re not just all about weddings!

Sometimes you need to look your best for a different type of special day – like a racing carnival; corporate event; or a special business meeting.

Our unique Australian floral ties are the solution that’s just a click away.

Our popular collections include native floral ties; protea ties; eucalyptus ties; waratah ties; tropics ties; banksia ties; and our classic banana palm tie collection.

Shop all our men’s ties here.

Men’s Socks Australia

Don’t leave your feet out in the cold.

There’s nothing that makes you feel sharper than when your socks match your tie.  It’ll just give you that confident edge at your next big function or event.

Our unique men’s socks are the solution that’s just a click away.

Our popular collections include native floral socks; protea socks; eucalyptus socks; waratah socks; tropics socks; banksia socks; and our classic banana palm socks.

Shop all our socks here.

Men’s Underwear Australia

Ok – let’s take it next level.

Want to match your tie and socks AND jocks? No problem.

We’ve got you covered.

Our unique Australian men’s underwear range is the solution that’s just a click away.

Our popular fabrics include native floral underwear; protea underwear; eucalyptus underwear; waratah underwear; tropics underwear; banksia underwear; and our classic banana palm underwear.

Shop all our Aussie bamboo underwear here.

Australian Bow Ties

Our Bowties are designed to be different! They match all our existing products so you can get the complete set for your next event.

Our unique Australian bow ties are a modern twist on the classic gentleman look from days gone by.

Our popular sets you can match your bow tie to include native floral bow ties; protea bow ties; eucalyptus bow ties; waratah bow ties; tropics bow ties; banksia bow ties; and our classic banana palm bow ties.

Shop all our Australian wooden bow ties and fabric bow ties here.

Australian Men’s Gift Boxes – Free Delivery

Why are men so hard to buy for?!

It’s great when you can give a gift you know he’s going to love and will use for years to come.

Our designer Men’s gift boxes are the perfect solution for the hard-to-buy for guy in your life.

They include a combination of our signature ties; bow ties; socks; jocks and more. You can personalise it with his initials on cufflinks; and select his favourite designs.

He’ll love it.

Pocket Squares Australia

Long gone are the days when men would carry hankies in their pockets in case the ladies needed one…. however our pocket squares bring the best of those simple times back into fashion with a modern twist.

Our popular and stylish Australian pocket squares are designed to go with our signature ranges of ties, socks, jocks and more.

Our popular fabrics include native Australian floral pocket squares; protea pocket squares; eucalyptus pocket squares; waratah pocket squares; tropics pocket squares; banksia pocket squares; and our classic banana palm pocket squares.

To see all pocket squares, click here.

Men’s Wooden Suspenders Australia

Wooden suspenders are where Peggy & Finn first started, back in the day; and they have been a staple in our range ever since.

These Wooden Suspenders have adorned many a groom on his special day – check out all our men’s accessories wedding inspiration here.

Our popular and stylish men’s braces are designed to go with our signature ranges of ties, socks, jocks and more.

To see all men’s suspenders, available for free Australian delivery, click here.

Mens Spring Racing Ties Australia

While our men’s accessories including ties, pocket squares, bow ties, socks and jocks are immensely popular for weddings, they’re also the perfect men’s accessories for spring race days.

Why not take a look at our Melbourne Cup ties for men or floral ties for Race days.

To see our tie selector to choose the best tie to wear with your suit colour on race day, click here.

Mens Spring Races Pocket Squares Australia

Did you know one of the latest men’s fashion trends for the Sydney races is to wear a pocket square without a tie?

We have a great range of pocket squares perfect for Melbourne Cup or days out during the Australian spring racing season.

We’re an Australian owned and operated business, and ship from our headquarters in Torquay, Victoria.

We provide free express delivery to all addresses within Australia on all our products.




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