Custom Bow Ties

Custom Bow Ties Wooden AustraliaAfter a custom wooden bow tie for your next big event? You’ve come to the right place.

After all, if you’re getting married or having a special day;  you know how important getting everything perfect is to your partner; and you want to look your best too.


We offer a range of personalisation and customisation options for wooden bow ties. This includes personal engraving; unique fabric choice; and your choice of Australian timber.

Custom Wooden Bowtie

Everyone will say ‘you scrub up well!’ when you choose these beauties.

We can use your own fabric; find you a complimentary colour/design match of fabric; or select one from our popular range of Plain, Australian florals or fruit designs.

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch to see how we can make you and/or your crew feel and look like a million dollars.

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Native Australian Floral Wooden Bow Tie Range – Some Examples

Click each image for more from our Native Australian floral range of wooden bow ties.

Wooden Suspenders Banksia-Grey-Wooden-Bow-Tie-Roasted-Blackbutt Pomegranate-Wooden-Bow-Tie-Roasted-Blackbutt_Model






Australian Timber Range – Some Examples

Learn more about our 3 choices of timber including Australian Jarrah, Roasted Blackbutt, and Tasmanian Oak.

Custom Bow Ties – Jarrah

Jarrah Wooden Bow TieJarrah is a unique Australian hardwood that grows primarily in south-west Western Australia.  While it is popular with furniture and cabinet makers due to its durability and strength.

We love using it for our bow ties – well, because we know it is quality and looks good!

Jarrah colours range from deep red to blonde.



Custom Bow Ties – Roasted Blackbutt

Bow Tie Roasted Blackbutt

Roasted Blackbutt, or ‘Eucalyptus Pilularis’, is a large tree that grows primarily in Australian coastal regions from southern NSW to Maryborough, Queensland.

Its native appearance is pale brown; however ‘roasted blackbutt’ has a deep brown hue after the timber is put through a thermal heating process.

We love it paired with lighter fabrics for a look that ‘pops’ and highlights the fabric; or with deeper colours to give a classic subdued sense of style.



Custom Bow Ties – Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak Wooden Bow Tie

Tasmanian Oak is, unsurprisingly, grown primarily in mountainous areas of Tasmania!

It is actually any of 3 species of oak from this area. All are very light in colour.

They vary from a straw colour to a reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink.

We love it paired with bright fabrics to bring that sparkle to your day.