We know you guys love to see how our products are worn, so we’d love to share with you a series of Real Weddings on our blog. Because we love our couples! You can also follow our hashtag on Instagram #peggyandfinnweddings where we tag all our couples daily.

First up in our Real Weddings series is Beau + Liz. The best tip you can get from this wedding is how Liz has matched the Bridesmaids dresses to the Groomsmens Ties.

Photography by Folk + Follow




Beau choose the Protea Navy Neck Tie. This tie has quite a few colours in it so it works with lots of different combinations. It’s made up of Khaki, White, Red, Pink, Navy, Orange and Purple. You can see how you pick up the pink in the dress and the ties when the bridal party are all together. Just magic! P.S Check out the guy on the Bride’s side, how great is his little handmade bow tie and those linen pants!. We’re told he sewed this himself!




The Groom ‘Beau’ also wore the Protea Navy Neck Tie to match his groomsmen. The Groom and Groomsmen matched the ties back to a medium blue suit and they chose a simple boutonnière not to take any attention away from the Neck Tie but to compliment the Bride and Bridesmaids. This beautiful combination looks great against the natural setting of their ceremony.





See the entire Protea Navy collection here.

Also check out our Gift Boxes because you can make your own Gift Box with combinations of Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares, Tiebars, Cufflinks and Socks. They come in a wooden box or a recycle cardboard box. The choice is yours – all to match or complimentary colours, so you choose! They are perfect for the Groom or Groomsmen and make a great keepsake.

If you need help choosing something for your big day our staff are happy to help. Just get in contact here.

We love this outdoor wedding so we hope you enjoyed the first of our Real Wedding Series.


Peggy and Finn



We exhibited at the famous ‘One Fine Day’ Wedding fair last weekend at it’s new venue ‘The Melbourne Showgrounds’. It got us a thinking this fair is not just for brides!  There is heaps of inspiration for Grooms and we have picked some of our favs to share with you.




Shopping for a wedding ring?

Grew & Co are qualifited gemologists who have been working together for 11 years creating contemporary jewellery in house at their Sydney studio. They combine ancient techniques with contemporary methods to create a range of unique jewellery. They source gems and precious metals from all over the world.


Learn more about Grew & Co here:



Looking for the perfect suit for you and your groomsmen?

Design your own or pick from their collection. Institchu has a wide range of suits and with showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Auckland and New York City they got you covered!



Check out some music while you’re here. It’s always a good idea to hear your band or musician live before booking them. One Fine Day is a great test for them too as they are playing for hours on end and you get to see the quality of their work.

Music is a great job for the Groom as you want to make sure you get your guests up and dancing!

Tom can be booked thru ST HAKEA along with a host of other services.



Well we met Christian the day we got to the fair and he was a big fan of our Wooden Bowties so we’re a little biase when we say you must see his work. It’s important that you get along with your photographer especially as the groom. It can be very daunting being in the limelight and being photographed all day.

Christian is wearing the ‘Brighton Wooden Bowtie’



Now that you’ve visited all of our friends it’s time to come and see us at Peggy and Finn to add your accessories! We love to work with Grooms, Groomsmen, Page boys and Father’s of the Bride/Groom. We have gift boxes which are perfect for Groomsmen and matching Ties, Pocket Square, Bowties, Cufflinks and Tiebars. We also do Custom Wooden Bowties if you need to match a specific colour.


Meet Style Guru Adam Moore

Peggy and Finn caught up with Adam Moore on Mens style and his top tips for dressing as a wedding guest. Here is what he had to say.


Adam Moore (@a.d.a.m_moore)

Tell us a bit about you

I am a 31-year-old, husband and father of an eight-month-old boy called Teddy. I come from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales but moved to Canberra about eight years ago and haven’t looked back.

I work in the public service by day, and my interest and hobbies include men’s fashion, old-school shaving and I love a nice glass of whisky. About 12 months ago I combined by interests into my Instagram page (@a.d.a.m_moore) to allow a bit of my creative side to flow.

I had previously studied a fair bit of social media marketing, and my page took off. Nothing’s changed for me as my Instagram page is still just a hobby, but it has certainly opened some doors and allowed me to meet some great brands and people who I never thought I would get the opportunity.

Describe your style

I ideally would describe my style as classic men’s fashion, but with a modern twist and attention to detail. I try and stay away from the skinny suits, slim lapels, pants and ties and go with more classic shapes. Not only because they seem to fit my frame better, but they are much more appealing to my eye.

I am drawn towards peak lapels, wider ties in paisleys and geometric patterns and double breasted jackets and waistcoats.


Where do you find inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from Instagram; I find it so easy to follow my favourite accounts and have a never-ending feed of inspiration. On top of that, I follow a lot of men’s fashion sites and blogs and regularly pick up at least one men’s fashion mag a month in case I am cut off from the online world.

What are your top tips for dressing as a wedding guest?

I think there are a few key things for nailing the look while the guest at a wedding. My top tips would be:

a) Know the dress code and how strictly it is enforced. I would always err on the side of being over-dressed rather than under-dressed at a wedding. It’s easy to take a jacket off, loosen a tie or even roll up a sleeve if you are over-dressed. It’s not as simple to go the other way.

Feel free to call the contact on the invite to clarify the dress code if you are unsure. Much better to do this than to turn up in the total wrong attire.

b)Never take the attention away from the bride and groom. I think it goes without saying that the bride and groom really should be the stars of the show and while it’s perfectly reasonable to dress up and look good, sometimes showing some restraint is more important than being the best dressed and centre of attention.

Knowing the couples personal style is important when deciding what to wear. Is the couple super on-trend and that means you have some leeway in what you wear? Or are they super-conservative and you may need to tone it down a notch in the dandy stakes?

Remember you aren’t at Pitti Uomo (a twice-yearly men’s fashion expo in Florence) and need to be peacocking around in the dandiest outfit. Nothing wrong with a bright colour or some florals if that’s the case tone down the rest of the look. People will still be able to see the effort you put in without taking away from the bride and groom.

c) We all dress for different reasons and sometimes that’s the impression that we leave on others. My last tip isn’t to do with how you dress at all, but with the impression you leave and the gratitude you show.

Make an effort to approach the parents of both the bride and groom privately. If you have never met them now is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself. Take the time to sincerely thank them for the event that they have put on and for allowing you to be a part of it. Weddings these days take a lot of both time and money, and you have been lucky enough to be invited to share that special day so take the time to be grateful and show your appreciation.

What do you love about Peggy & Finn?

I just absolutely love the story behind Peggy and Finn, being entirely handcrafted from Australian recycled timber means the world to me. In a world now of mass production and cheap knock-offs seeing that a small business can create unique items that are rivalling the best in the world brings a smile to my face.



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